The 12 mm high Padel Synthetic Lawn is made of special twisted fibrous fibers resistant to weakening by UV rays and frost, with durability and durability over time.

Its high elasticity ensures the immediate return of the fibers to a vertical position after each step, ensuring the perfect recovery of the ball and a natural torsion and grip of the foot.

Technical Characteristics of Synthetic Lawn Padel 14:

DTEX: 5,750

Composition: 100% Polyethylene

Thickness: 130 Micron

Color: 3 options (Green), Green - Blue - Blue, Red - Red)

Ideal bounce and slip performance

The bounce and slip performance of the ball on the 14 Padel Synthetic Turf is tested and guaranteed, for a perfect sense of play in any climate.

Perfect foot support and grip

The 14 Padel Synthetic Turf provides ideal support in the motion phase, perfect grip even when cornering or changing directions.

Perfect energy absorption and efficiency

It absorbs the effect of the function very well, then returning the beneficial energy to the momentum.

Excellent balance between handle and slip

Excellent balance between grip and slip to always have complete control of movements throughout the game