Shooting Machine & Training Partner

Do you want to improve your scoring average? Do you often train alone and like to do workouts that were developed by professional players and basketball specialists? Then Dr. Dish is your right choice!

Dr. Dish Basketball-Shooting-Machines

Dr. Dish shooting machines are the most innovative, technologically sophisticated and user-friendly training devices on the market.

Dr. Dish is an all-in-one shooting machine and training partner. The net collects all balls directly under the hoop. It is a catch-all for direct hits and shots with 90% accuracy alike. The computer allows users to determine the frequency and position at which the ball is shot from the machine. For example: every 10 seconds, alternating from three positions along the three-point line.

The Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine is currently available in three versions and is the market leader in the US and worldwide.


What is a basketball shooting machine?

A shooting gun lines up directly underneath a basketball hoop. With an extendable netting system, it captures all made and missed shots taken on the basket. The ball funnels down the system, into the ball feed, and is launched out automatically for a continuous feed of passes.

On all 3 models the body of the machine rotates automatically 180 degrees, for full court passing. From baseline to baseline, get up shots where ever you want. The unit does need power at all times to operate.

The system is powered through a feed motor, that feeds the ball down into launch position. A launch arm then uses force to pass out one ball at a time. No, no basketballs are harmed in the process ;).

You can choose your locations, tempo (speed at which the balls pass out), and number of balls per location for a totally customized training experience. Depending on the model, they are programmed by a touch pad, touchscreen, or through a phone/tablet integration.

The Dr. Dish Standard

The best part about the Dr. Dish, is it's ability to be custom programmed at 19+ locations. It also offers out of order passing, so players can shoot beyond the sprinkler pattern and into more advanced patterns like the 5 Star.

Another thing that makes the Dr. Dish training experience unique is the extensive library of preset drills and workouts. With one of the smart models, you can access these 150 pro-trainer workouts through an App or touchscreen. Simply follow along with the video instruction and the machine will automatically program itself.

The shooting machines can withstand temperature differences, but they need to be protected from moisture. For outdoor usage, we suggest a dry, indoor storage area.

Do I Need Anything Else?

To start training on a Dr. Dish, once it is set up, simply plug it in and gather 2-5 basketballs so that there is always a ball waiting to be passed out.

Why train on a shooting machine?

A shooting machine allows you to focus on your shot form through constant repetition, rather than having your training being broken up by chasing rebounds. We call this smart and efficient training. It's a fact that an individual can get up 10x more shots training on a Dr. Dish versus traditional shooting.

It allows allows you to better develop muscle memory and improve shot arch.

Dr. Dish also makes the lightest machines on the market, ranging from 113-132 kg, compact and lightweight design makes storage easy, and set up and take down simple.

What Model is Best For You?

Deciding which of the 3 models is the best fit for you depends on a few different things such as:

  • Where is your intended use?
  • Do you want advanced features like unlimited stat tracking and on-demand workouts or do you just want to get reps up?
  • What is your budget?

No matter your scenario, we are here to help you navigate through this decision and make you a part of the Dr. Dish Family - the number one choice for a basketball shooting machine!

Product Presentaion: comparison of the 3 Dr. Dish models ALLSTAR - PRO - REBEL

Magnus Wihlborg is a former professional player, basketball expert and our Skills Coach at HAMMER Basketball. He explains and shows you the differences between the 3 Dr. Dish models: