Blocking Pad

Training Equipment
  • Perfect equipment for defense training
  • Larger than traditional double focus mitts
  • Arm straps can be individually adjusted
  • Training for better ball control under pressure from the opponent

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HAMMER BOXING Training Equipment Blocking Pad

Your robust attack training with the block pads!

The block pads, which are also used in boxing training, support your body contact training and simulate the opponent's influence on your attacking game. The pads offer you a realistic alternative to physical contact exercises to simulate the influence of a massive physically superior player. You learn to assert yourself and prepare the direct move to the basket or simply to gain more space for yourself. You will improve your attacking game and your stability when shooting to the basket or doing a layup. The training with the block pads helps you to improve your body contact in front of the opponent's basket and in a 1:1 game.

Great players are able to play physically and work with body contact. Whether it's shielding an aggressive defender or ending up at the basket, players must learn to play with contact.

With the block pads in the basketball coach's hand, to influence is exerted on the attacking player to prevent him from moving to the basket or throwing. Likewise, shots to the basket can be blocked with the pads. You are thus prepared for a physical game and can hold your own steady during intensive opponent contact!

Perfect for:

  • Improving the dynamic, assertive attacking game
  • Increase of self-assertion with massive centers or defensive players
  • Training for better stability when throwing and improved whole-body stability
  • Balance training and ball control under pressure from the opponent
  • Securing stability under strong body contact and influencing robust defensive players

Technical details:

Size: 40 x 19 x 11 cm
Weight: 2 kg


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Größe 40 x 19 x 11 cm
Weight 2 kg
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