Impact Dummy

Basketball Training
  • Simulates life-size basketball defender
  • For shooting, attacking, dribbling drills
  • Set up as an opposing defender for 1-on-1 training
  • 3 height adjustments (162, 177 and 192 cm).

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HAMMER BOXING Basketball Training Impact Dummy

Train with a life-size defender!

The Impact Dummy simulates a defender on the court for shooting, attacking, dribbling drills and many more so players and coaches can gain the advantage over the competition.

Set up as an opposing defender for 1-on-1 training and large-scale team drills indoors or outdoors Impact Dummy can train players to elevate their shots, maintain body control and practice proper footwork. You can adjust the height of the dummy from 162, 177 to 192 cm.

The large base with a diameter of 55 cm can be filled with water, sand or gravel. The defender springs back up after contact, making it great for countless drills.


SKU 92650
Color gelb
Größe Länge Standboxsack verstellbar auf: 162 cm, 177 cm, 192 cm - Sockeldurchmesser: 55 cm
Material PU
Weight 15 kg
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