ROXs Pro

Basketball Training
  • Clever training assistent
  • Multisensory stimulation of visuel, acoustical and tactile taktilen perception through light, sound or pushbuttom signals
  • Setup > Train > Track
  • Agility, precision, stability, intuition, speed, reaction,...and many more workout targets

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A-Champs Basketball Training ROXs Pro

ROXs Pro Smart Training Assistent

Variation + multi-sensory stimulation + gamified experiences

ROX Pro based on multi-sensory stimulation of the visual, acoustic and tactile senses through light, sound and tactile cues.

Tech Features:

  • Touch, tap and motion sensors
  • Light, sound and tactile cues
  • Flash-reflex technology
  • TM proprietary feature for body balance control
  • ConnexxionTM proprietary technology for:
  • 50 m reach
  • 24 Rocks connectivty at once
  • Group building feature
  • Jet-fighter material (Polycarbonat/ABS)
  • Wireless charging
  • App control

Rocks are super durable: Ball, kick, punch, cleat-proof


    -Sensors for touch, tap and motion


  • -Light: multicolor RGB-LEDs
  • -Sound: speaker
  • -Vibration: motor for tactile stimulation

Charging Case:

  • Integrated charging system
  • Durable outer shell
  • Highly protective EVA interior
  • Adapter with 4 USB ports


Easy-to-Use Tech

User-centric designed, intuitive and simple control App to plan your sessions, create unlimited routines and follow the individual results. Focus on your athletes and clients.


  • -3 Taps & Go
  • -9+ Programs
  • -Presets Programs
  • -Customizable drills
  • -Multi.sensory cues
  • -Tracking-dashboard
  • -In-app help center
  • -iOS and Android

ROXs Pro

is the game-changing smart training assistant for all Sports and Health Professionals. It trains body & brain at the same time via multi-sensory cues and gamified experiences, increasing the motivation and effectiveness of every session.

Gamified Multi-Sensory Training

ROXs Pro training stimulates cognitive-motor skills and drives frequency and focus to move. Light, sound and tactile cues trigger multiple senses while challenges and competition elements help to keep engagement to train at the highest level. Everybody will keep coming back for more ROXs time.

For All, Any Place and Any Time

ROXs Pro stands for multi training, cross-generational and easy-mobility. For one-on-one and groups sessions with young to old, beginners to athletes. It is portable and managed from any and multiple devices to never stop the movement. Say hey to ROXs Pro's versatility.

Open Tool for Pros by Pros

ROXs Pro was created as a tool that - combined with Pro`s creativity and experience - offers unlimited ways to train. Due to its versatility Trainers, Coaches, Physiotherapists and Rehab Professionals can integrate it into their sessions to match 100% their needs. All ROXs Pro Programs and content are developed in collaboration with Sports, Health and Science professionals.


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