A basketball system anchored in the ground

In-ground basketball systems are the gold standard of basketball hoops for private use! They offer the very best training conditions and the most fun with the game.

A basketball hoop anchored in the ground

The gold standard of basketball hoops

Stationary basketball systems are the gold standard of basketball hoops for private use! Their main characteristic is that they are anchored in the ground, which makes them extremely robust. They can withstand the most rigorous, professional game. An in-ground basketball hoop variant offers the fantastic benefit of plenty of game space below the hoop!

Almost all models are height-adjustable. This way, even the little ones get a chance to give their best in training.

There are many advantages in favour of purchasing an in-ground basketball system:

  • offers the best training options (also suitable for dunking)
  • no mounting wall needed
  • plenty of game space right below the hoop
  • many models are height-adjustable
  • very sturdy and robust
  • extremely weather-resistant

The only apparent drawback of the in-ground solution is the initial effort needed to assemble and anchor the ground plate. This is not as difficult as it may look at first glance. You can optionally hire the HAMMER Basketball installation team to help you out. We will take care of embedding the anchor kit and constructing your basketball hoop system.

Did you know?
An in-ground basketball system can also be portable. The universal anchor kit allows placement of the hoop wherever you like. You just have to concrete another anchor kit into the ground.